We meet different people every day, and during your daily activities you may have to deal with people you barely know. With such interactions, new relationships are formed; be it a work relationship, neighborly, friendly or even a romantic relationship. Are you in any of these relationships with someone you barely know? Well, it’s about time you did some digging around and find out who this new person in your life really is… whether it’s a neighbor, a friend or a nanny you wish to hire. A good place to start will be the person’s public arrest records.

Social media is usually a common place most people will start their search. Well and good, but is the information obtained from a social site whose profile they themselves created credible enough? What you need is to do a search on their public records.

Indeed, a person with an arrest record will not have a mark on their forehead saying they have such a record; and let’s face it, they won’t give it to you straight either. I dare say if you are to let anyone into your life or around your family, be sure that they are safe to be with. You may be letting a rapist date your daughter! Take action and carry out the search on the person’s arrest records. You will be surprised what information you may find in such public records.

Information contained in public arrest records

Police making a public arrestArrest records usually contain a description of the individual arrested, their particulars, and specific details regarding the arrest; the offense committed, time of arrest, place of arrest, warrant, arresting officer and the case number.

Some private information may also be derived from a person’s public record search. Such may include their date of birth, tax records, phone numbers, address, etc. Information regarding juvenile delinquents is usually not made available to the public.

This type of information may also contain a number of various cases. Small offenses usually include driving while under the influence of alcohol, speeding, harassment etc. On the other hand, murders, sexual assaults, and burglaries constitute felonies. There are a number of various crimes that may appear in a person’s criminal history search and while public arrest records are not considered criminal offenses, they will show up as an aspect of the criminal incident that occurred. Typically, any action by an individual or group which is in violation of human rights or property is considered, by law, to be a crime.

What public arrest records are commonly used for

Information that you may find in a person’s public record files usually varies with jurisdictions of different states. Whatever information you obtain will help you make informed decisions regarding job applicants, interactions with your neighbors, or even the new romantic relationship that you are so excited about.

Here are some common instances where you may need to obtain a person’s public arrest records.

As an employer, you want to be sure that you are hiring someone you can trust to run certain aspects of your business. This means that you have to be cautious about who you employ. Once you hire someone, they are able to access certain crucial information, company finances or other assets. To be sure that such access is given to the right person employers will run a background check prior to hiring. Searching a person’s arrest records alone can provide you with vital information regarding their lifestyle and what type of person they may be.

Imagine having a tenant with a criminal arrest record that includes burglary or vandalism! You surely wouldn’t expect them to comply with your conditions for tenancy would you? Entrusting such a person with your property will certainly pose the risk of theft, vandalism, possible non-payment or even threats on the lives of other tenants. All these can be avoided if you do a quick search of every new tenant’s criminal and public arrest records.

How much do you value your children and your home? If you really love your family, you wouldn’t just entrust anyone with the care of your children while you are away. You have probably seen or heard of the horrible things that some nannies have done to the children of unsuspecting parents. Most of these incidences are even caught on “Nanny Cams”.
Do not be one to hire a nanny without running a search on them. They may be hiding bad things behind that pretty face and cute smile. Running an arrest records search to help make a determination may just be the difference between hiring a jewelry addict or a real child-loving caring nanny.

Be forewarned that it is unlawful to use these types of searches for discriminatory purposes when hiring anybody, unless you have the subjects permission.

*Checking on your Neighbors
We cannot choose who we want to be our neighbors. However, when it comes to a matter of safety and security, you may demand that a person be asked to move out of the community. A persons public arrest records may be used to back claims that a particular neighbor is a possible threat to the neighborhood.

Types of public arrest records

Man in jail after being arrestedArrest records are public records and usually made available to the general public upon request. There are two types of these records, being free of charge records and fee-based.

Local and state government offices/repositories, police departments and the FBI agencies are usually the main sources of free of charge arrest records.

It is also not uncommon to search and find public records from commercial providers for free. However, charges apply for detailed reports or information downloads.

While free-of-charge records will have the required information for a casual search on the neighbor or your daughters new date, they usually are shallow when the search is for official or legal purposes. In such a case, paid professional records are preferred. This is because they offer a detailed analysis of a person’s profile and arrest record history. You can get almost any kind of information you need on a person’s background pulled from commercial paid services.

How and where to obtain public record information

Public arrest records may be obtained from the relevant sources (government agencies, police departments or public records search service providers) by mail, fax, in person or over the Internet.

You can contact the State Police department and request an individual’s arrest records as well. The contact person will instruct you on how you can obtain the information you requested. If you follow the procedure provided, you will receive a copy of the requested records. Normally, these are issued for free, however a nominal fee may apply to cover copying and printing costs.
Usually, obtaining arrest records from local law enforcement or any other relevant government office will require that you make a written request. This normally takes time before you receive the requested information, though there are faster ways to obtain the same information.

The Internet is a faster source for obtaining public records. There are a number of online directories and public records search tools that will quickly provide information on an individual’s background records. These online platforms are convenient since they are simple, easy to use and most of them are free, if you don’t mind doing the research legwork. What’s more, you can carry out the search right where you are using your mobile device or at home on your computer.

The most effective way to get all the information you need on a person’s arrest history is to subscribe to a paid public record search service. Whatever information you request will usually be made available to you using an appropriate analysis. The fee’s to access these records are nominal compared to the time needed for searching all of the various repositories needed to obtain an accurate report.

If you feel the need to run a criminal or public arrest records search on someone you will be interacting with, then it is best if you leave the task to a third party service. They will have access to vast databases and proprietary sources, including government agencies, law enforcement offices as well as social media profiles that may have relevant information on the person you are researching.